The DANCEPL3Y choreography team chooses the best songs to get people moving, then creates purposeful choreography that addresses the 4 Elements of Physical Literacy (physical, social, affective, behavioural). Our goal is to create high-energy experiences that inspire positivity, playfulness and fun!


Melanie Levenberg

Vancouver, Canada

Physical Literacy and Education Consultant, M.Ed (Curriculum Teaching and Learning), B.Kin, CanFitPro FIS, Trainer of Fitness Leaders
First and foremost my choreography is designed for everyday people to experience success with dance, while developing Fundamental Movement Skills. I use simple rhythms and combos that connect to the music, so that it MOVES them. I love high-energy music and a variety of music styles that inspire different characters and playful story lines.


Nathan Short - STORYTELLER

Sydney, Australia

B. Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science), Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert III in Fitness, 10 years dance experience
I love the stories that music can tell, so a lot of my choreography is story driven. I also love working with contrasting movements, so you’ll often find me on the floor in the verse and then flying through the air in the chorus


Brock Farkas - TOP 40

Calgary, Canada

I’ve always been an athlete, playing different sports (football, basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball) from the age of 4 through to university. Being exposed to such a wide range of physical activities allowed me to gain a very strong understand of my own physical literacy, so when I dance I often pull moves from my past experiences. My dancing background is not as extensive, as in I have no professional training, unless you count the bathroom mirror or in the car. My style of dance focuses on high energy songs, theatrical characters, and creating FUN moments from the biggest cardio moves to the smallest, sassiest step. 


Simrin Hundal - BOLLYWOOD

Coqulitam, Canada

Simrin holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Coaching and is pursuing a career in the Education field. She has been a dancer for 6 years, and although she started dancing as a hobby, it very quickly turned into a passion.
As a choreographer I’m very inspired by my culture and background. I love creating moves and combos for Bollywood music, but I also enjoy incorporating hip-hop and jazz into my routines.


Roxane Letterlough - INDIGENOUS

Kamloops, canada

Roxane holds a Masters in Education with a focus on Indigenous Knowledges and Indigenous Pedagogies. She is from St'at'imc Nation and currently works as School District 73's Intermediate Aboriginal Resource teacher.
When I choreograph songs it becomes a collaborative effort with local Elders, community members and students in finding the appropriate movements that are culturally appropriate and relevant. This technique requires us to hear many of the Aboriginal stories and learn about the different perspectives when creating these movements. Choreography becomes an immersion of a cultural experience.

vanessa paglione.jpg

Vanessa Paglione - preschool

calgary, canada

Vanessa is currently working towards a Bachelor of Kinesiology, with a minor in Dance from the University of Calgary. She brings an extensive dance background, having begun dancing at the age of 3 in a variety of styles and is now an accredited teacher under the International Society of Teachers of Dance. 

I aim to create dances that are imaginative, playful, and allow children to build relationships. My ultimate goal is to choreograph songs that make children fall in love with movement and dance, all while laughing and showing off their biggest smile.


Marianne Vande Pol

Kamloops, canada

School District Early Years Coordinator, Primary Education Teacher for 20 years, M.Ed (Curriculum and Instruction).

As a choreographer it has been important to collaborate with Aboriginal Elders, Indigenous Students and District Resource Teachers.  This has allowed for the creation of movements that intentionally celebrate the First Peoples Principles of Learning by exploring the relationships between identity, place, culture, society, and belonging.

BC’s New Curriculum and Core Competencies are interwoven into everything I create. It has inspired movements that encourage creative risk taking while expressing feelings, ideas, stories, and experiences.


Kelsey dang


Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care and Bachelor of Education.

I started dancing when I was six years old and competed in jazz, lyrical, tap and ballet. I also grew up playing many competitive sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball. I’ve been dancing for over twelve years and was a jazz instructor before starting my career as an elementary school teacher.  My choreography is all about feeling the rhythm, upbeat steps and dancing to high energy songs that get my students moving!


Sarah England


Sarah recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in Mind Sciences. She is now attending the University of British Columbia completing a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. Coming from a traditional dance background, Sarah fell in love with DANCEPL3Ys concept of “you can’t get it wrong”.  Sarah also has a passion for play, working extensively to get more people playing more often.In her choreography she combines her knowledge of human movement and child development with her passion for play and dance to create intentional sequences interwoven into playful themes and storylines.