DANCEPL3Y Preschool 

recreation PROGRAM FOR KIDS AGES 3-5

Introduce your child to dance in a fun and PLAYful way!

The DANCEPL3Y Preschool program is designed specifically for children ages 3-5 to discover dance in a playful and interACTIVE way through creative story lines and music that MOVES them. Building the foundations for dance through rhythms, fundamental movement skills and playful group formations, young movers discover a love of physical activity as they leap, hop, crawl, turn, spin and jump into their “Bubble of Awesome”.

The DANCEPL3Y Preschool program fosters the development of physical literacy and the ABCs of healthy growth and development. Your child will explore a variety of dance genres through imaginative and engaging story lines that take them around the world as they develop musicality, social skills and confidence with movement.


physical literacy

Physical Literacy in the early years is all about giving children access to PLAYful movement experiences. Our Preschool program specifically targets all four of the developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social and emotional. The result? Healthier, happier children who are have the foundation to become lifelong movers and shakers!

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3 rules of PL3Y

Building self-confidence is important at any age. We use a powerful vocabulary of inspiring words that will serve children throughout their lives.  

As they discover new skills, make friends and claim their "Bubble of Awesome", everyone in our programs apply the Three Rules of PL3Y:

be positive

be fun

be yourself



We understand the importance of active play and how it establishes critical connections between the brain and muscles.  Our Preschool Instructors are caring and compassionate coaches who harness the power of music and imaginative play. 

Think you have what it takes to become a DANCEPL3Y Preschool Instructor?

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