recreation PROGRAMS FOR TEENS AGES 13-18

DANCEPL3Y Teens isn’t like a regular dance class – it’s a high-energy, super-fun, grab your friends and fave high tops kind of dance class.

Teens ages 13-18 learn simple moves from a mix of styles (Club, House, Hip Hop, Urban, Jazz/Funk, Krump, Street, Old Skool) and get interACTIVE with one another so that everyone in the class can bust-a-move to today’s best music.

Our engaging and playful group formations are paired with a refreshing coaching philosophy based on the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself. This way each person can discover their own unique style and way of moving.


physical literacy

Teens who experience success through movement feel more confident. This confidence builds into a self-motivated mindset that kicks them into action. Action-oriented adolescents is one of the most powerful groups of people that we can have on this planet.

By valuing physical activity, teens can experience the physical, mental and social benefits of active living.  

Want to learn more about Physical Literacy and PL3Y? Click below to visit our parent website, PL3Y.


3 rules of PL3Y

The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression. As our world continues to become inundated with technologies that disconnect us from each other (and ourselves), the need for play, social interactions and a positive mindset is most important!

It's easier to be in a growth mindset and discover your own style when you practice the Three Rules of PL3Y:

be positive

be fun

be yourself



Do you believe in the power of combining physical activity with positivity? Our DANCEPL3Y Teens Instructors are driven by a passion to make a meaningful impact on the lives of teens in their community. Through our playful approach to dance and fitness, they facilitate a space where each person can find their own unique style and express it confidently to the world.  

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