DANCEPL3Y Workouts


DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) classes are designed for people who want a really fun workout. It’s as simple as that.

Our energizing and interACTIVE classes uses simple get-sweaty moves combined with your favourite bust-a-move songs. Each class features a variety of dance genres, from Hip Hop, Dancehall, Lyrical, Krump, Pop Video, Jazz, Country and more to get your heart pumping as you dance yourself fit. Forget 5-6-7-8, or left foot/right foot choreography, there are only 3 Rules to follow in this class: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

So the question is…are you ready to #sweatHAPPY?


physical literacy

Physical Literacy is a journey that each person goes on for the duration of their life. Having the physical ability to move your body in a variety of different ways, while feeling confident, and choosing to include movement as part of your everyday is what physical literacy is all about.

Our programs help you on your unique journey by targeting the development or maintenance of fundamental movement skills, while offering opportunities for you to get social and experience the mental and cognitive benefits of bustin-a-move.

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3 rules of PL3Y

As adults, we tend to easily go into our 'auto-pilot' mindsets of negativity ("I'm not a good dancer, I have two left feet" - sound familiar?), especially when it comes to learning new things.

That's why our workout classes are powered by the Three Rules of PL3Y

be positive

be fun

be yourself

These rules help you get into a positive mindset so that you can get a great sweat as you practice 'BEing' the most fun version of yourself.



Is it possible to get a great workout, without pain? We think so. That's why we design our classes to be physically challenging while also inspiring you to discover a better version of yourself.

Our DANCEPL3Y (Adult) Workout Instructors are physical literacy leaders who are ready to break the mold that traditional fitness programs have set. 

It's time to 'shake' things up and evolve group exercise classes to the next level - a level where the only F word associated with fitness, is FUN!

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