DANCEPL3Y School Workshop Types


activation workshop

(1-3 sessions per class)

These one-session workshops will ignite your students’ love for movement and music. Forget 5-6-7-8 or complex dance moves, these classes are designed for students to experience success and feel motivated to stay active with their classmates.  Discover a mix of dance styles from around the world (Hip Hop, Bollywood, Tango, Latin, Funk, Top 40) and spark imaginations as students move to their favourite chart-topping songs to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Watch confidence soar as each student claims their “Bubble of Awesome” and follow the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

DANCEPL3Y Residencies

(4-5 sessions per class)

Let us teach your dance unit! DANCEPL3Y Residencies follow the Teaching Dance for Understanding model that allows students to be engaged and active learners as they explore a variety of dance styles. They’ll discover the Elements of Dance, create their own dance moves and work together to prepare a dance performance that shows their understanding of curriculum expectations. Each Dance Unit has a different theme, Grades 1-3 learners "Dance Across the Decades", Grades 4-6 students "Discover World Cultures through Dance" and Grade 7-9 students experience "Epic Mash-Ups". All DANCEPL3Y Residencies include lesson plans for teachers, a lunch-time workshop, Dances for DPA Videos, assessment rubrics and 4-5 days of high-energy dance lessons taught by Certified Instructors.

enhanced dancepl3y residencies

(4-5 sessions per class)

This program is designed to engage educators in the DANCEPL3Y Residency program, as well as provide additional activity ideas for cross-curricular learning.  You’ll receive pre-program lesson plans, program support videos, on-site mentorship of dance lessons, classroom extensions and cross-curricular lesson plans. You’ll have the tools and confidence to help students continue to discover the various dimension of dance and active living, beyond the 5-day Residency!

lunch hour

Workshop for School Teachers

A 30-minute lunch hour workshop for teachers to learn simple Dances for Daily Physical Activity (DPA/MVPA). Includes "Follow-along" videos and coaching notes for teachers to get their classrooms active with dance!

family & community event

Book an evening event taught by the DANCEPL3Y Instructor, designed to get families and students active together and/or to showcase of dances learned during the residency program.


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