Physical Literacy and Dance

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.
-International Physical Literacy Association

Similar to how the ABCs are the foundation of reading and writing, fundamental movement skills are the foundation of physical literacy and active living.

Physical literacy is not something that people ‘achieve’ and then maintain - it is a journey that each person takes throughout their lifetime. Each day, as life transitions and progresses, people face new challenges to stay active daily, maintain a healthy body and mind, and feel confident and competent to participate in physical activity.

DANCEPL3Y is the world leader in developing physical literacy through dance.

We showcase a variety of different styles

Our program is designed to be a high-energy, mixed-style “physical activity sampler” where adults, teens and kids can discover various elements of dance in a positive and playful setting.

DANCEPL3Y classes offer individuals interested in learning about dance the opportunity to try a variety of styles from a mix of styles (Club, House, Hip Hop, Urban, Jazz/Funk, Krump, Street, Old Skool) as they will improve their balance, coordination, and overall health.

We specifically develop Fundamental Movement Skills

DANCEPL3Y choreography is designed first and foremost to develop a range of fundamental movement skills, including skipping, hopping, dodging, balancing, twisting, jumping, throwing and more.

We foster positive mental health

Forget complex ‘technique’ or ‘left foot/right foot’ combos, there are only 3 Rules of PLAY to follow in our programs: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

We focus on success

We use simple choreography to develop fundamental movement skills and ensure that everyBODY experiences the motivation to move in different ways and more often!

We help people connect

Our innovative and interACTIVE class style fosters a sense of community and allows participants the opportunity to feel successful in a non-intimidating setting.

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